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Divorce and Family Law

Divorce FAQ

Whether young or old, recently married or married for years, with or without children, divorces happen to all different types of people in all circumstances. Your particular situation will affect how the divorce will proceed and the issues or problems that will need to be addressed. Here, Brendan Piearrd discusses some particular categories of divorce litigants and addresses some general questions for each. Contact The Law Firm of Michael Olewinski if you need advice or representation from a qualified Illinois divorce lawyer.

Causes of Divorce FAQ

While your marriage is unique, there are some generally categories of problems that often lead one spouse or another to consider a divorce. If your considering a divorce, or think you spouse is considering a divorce, information can decrease your anxiety and help you deal with the your unique situation appropriately. If you have questions or need representation in an Illinois divorce case, contact The Law Firm of Michael Olewinski.

Interim Issues FAQ

Life keeps on moving, even if your getting divorced. Bills still need to be paid, the children still need to be cared for, and, unfortunately, in some cases there can be domestic violence. Often it is not reasonable or possible to wait until the divorce is over to determine some financial and other issues. In Illinois, you can get child support, maintenance, exclusive possession of the house, and, if necessary, an order of protection while divorce proceedings remain pending. If you are in Illinois and considering divorce or need a divorce lawyer, contact The Law Firm of Michael Olewinski for information regarding a consultation and representation.

Lawyer Selection FAQ

Picking a lawyer to represent you in a divorce or a family law case can be a daunting task. There is little in the way of objective rating systems, individual testimonials may or may not be reliable, and you may or may not have the experience to judge the quality of lawyers you interview. Here is some helpful information to hopefully make the process a little easier for you and, hopefully, help you select a divorce lawyer who will work well with you. If you need a divorce or family law lawyer in Illinois, you can also contact The Law Firm of Michael Olewinski to schedule a consultation.

Prepare for Divorce FAQ

As in many of life's activities, proper preparation for a divorce case can make the whole process faster, less expensive, and less frightening. In terms of divorce, preparation can be viewed as gathering information, preparing financially and emotionally, and making sure you are aware of the risks and possible outcomes of potential choices. The time to inform yourself is before the divorce process begins, if possible. The Law Firm of Michael Olewinski can answer your questions or represent you in your Illinois divorce case.

Divorce Process FAQ

A divorce is not a specific event, but rather a process. Every divorce involves certain steps in the process, while other steps may only be used in select cases. Just as with every other process, having information about what will happen, what can happen and what will not or cannot happen will help you navigate your divorce with less stress and, hopefully, help you complete the process to reach a fair and equitable outcome at the lowest possible cost. As with any other complicated legal process, you should consult a divorce lawyer for information and advice for your particular situation. If you are in Illinois and need a divorce lawyer, please contact The Law Firm of Michael Olewinski to schedule a consultation where we can give you advice and information tailored to your unique situation.

Property Division FAQ

In Illinois divorces, often the identification, valuation and division of property becomes the major issue in divorce cases. Having a basic understanding of what is marital property, what is not marital property and how Illinois courts value and divide property can give you an advantage in your divorce case or possibly help you avoid expensive protracted divorce litigation. If you have a divorce case in Illinois or are considering a divorce, contact The Law Firm of Michael Olewinski to schedule a consultation where we can give you advice and information tailored to your unique situation.

Spousal Support – Alimony FAQ

Alimony, spousal support, maintenance. Different names, but all referring to the recognition of a support obligation for a spouse or former spouse. Maintenance law varies dramatically state-by-state. In 2015, Illinois adopted maintenance guidelines. But there are significant exceptions to those guidelines and the court has the ability to deviate from the guidelines depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.  If you have questions or need to consult a divorce lawyer with questions about alimony or maintenance, please contact The Law Firm of Michael Olewinski.


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